Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce + Leftover Polenta

Remember when I told you about my favorite polenta dish with peppers and bacon?  Well, I made it last night and have a bunch of leftover polenta, so I decided to make a quick (and vegetarian) dinner tonight with some eggs from our backyard chickens.  This is really simple and really good.

First, you need to whip up a simple marinara sauce.  Now don’t freak out, it’s really easy and quick.  Just take a half red onion and dice it up and sautee it with some olive oil. 

Add in some chopped garlic.  I used some we had drying in our garage from all the garlic we harvested last summer

Cook those two until nice and golden brown.

Next, add in some diced tomatoes and a few spices. 

I always tell you guys how I don’t really measure anything, and that’s not really true.   I measure like this … two of these of salt.

One of these of red chili flakes.

A dash of pepper.   And whiz together with an immersion blender.  I love that thing.

Oh, and I almost forgot, add in some Italian seasoning — about the same amout as the chili flakes.

Okay, now here’s the important (and fun) part.  Taste it.

Mine tasted a little acidic-y.  So I added this much sugar.  Sugar can really make the tomatoes not taste so funky.

Once you get your sauce tasting delicious, bring it down to a medium high heat and drop the eggs in.

Put the lid on and cook for about 15 minutes.

Scoop out an egg and some sauce and spoon over your left over polenta …. and yum!

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