Well, Hello There!

Greetings all of you Get Rich Slowly readers!   I am so honored that J.D. talked about me on his blog — I feel famous!   I’m so glad you came over to check me out, and I thought I’d make it easy to find a few things you might be interested in.

Here’s a round-up of my posts about making stuff from scratch — everything from yogurt, to vanilla extract, to granola, to chevre cheese, and so much more!

Lots of people like my version of the gluten-free guide.

And my yummy and easy (and pennywise!) go-to quiche.

I love to give gifts, but love even more to make them — here’s some things I made for the holidays, out of my yard, and just because they are yummy (can you say salted caramels!).

Here’s a simple tour of our backyard chicken coop.  Backyard hens are so fun!

Thanks for popping by – and if you’re in the Portland area and want to check out my fund-raising class J.D. talked about,  the next session actually starts in just two days on May 26th (despite what it says online when you register) and you can still sign up.

Thanks for coming – come back soon. Or better yet, add me to your reader!

2 thoughts on “Well, Hello There!

  1. I so wish I could make your fundraising class, but I can’t quite do it so close to the end of the school year. Will you be teaching again in the summer or fall?

    Great blog, BTW. Happy that JD sent us this way. I’ll be subscribing to your RSS; gotta support a fellow Portlander!

    • Thanks for your note! I teach the class each term (except summer) so if you’re free in the fall or winter, come join us!

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