Olympic Peninsula Adventure

To celebrate the final days of summer, we took off on a little five day adventure to the Olympic Peninsula and rented a house in the quaint little town of Sequim.  We tooled around town, hopped a ferry to Victoria Canada, and did lots of hiking in Olympic National Park.    We saw gorgeous scenery and enjoyed getting away from it all. A few highlights from our trip included …  

… gorgeous hiking in Olympic National Park



 … rowing on Lake Crescent


… and the amazing view out the window of the house we rented


And if you’re up for seeing more, just click below and I’ve put some of our favorite photos to music so turn your sound on and enjoy!

Coincidentally while we were in Olympic National Park, the long awaited documentary Ken Burns created on our national parks premiered on PBS. I can’t wait to see it. Our national parks truly are one of our national treasures.

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