Man vs. Vole

I made it through my big week of events and everything came together and was a big success – yahoo!  While I was away working, Jason was holding down the fort. When I got home today, of course I went out to see how the garden had fared in my absence.

First the good news – yummy stuff just keeps on coming. I picked all this today, and more is sure to come this week with the forecast showing a string of 90 degree days.





And now for the not so good news.  One of my raised beds was destroyed while I was gone. 


We’ve had a problem this year with something nibbling on some of our veggies. It’s hasn’t been dramatic, but we did lose a cauliflower plant, a broccoli and a few onions here and there.  But this was by far the worst.   Our little visitor dug a ten inch trench and ate most of our lettuce, all of our newly planted kale, and many of our onions.

We think it’s a vole.  Jason researched online and this seems likely.  It may look cute, but I hate it already. Here’s a picture we found online of what one looks like.  Look at it’s beady vegetable-garden-destroying little eyes. Pure evil.


And now we have peanut butter inside here, hoping to lure the little vegetable thief in.  Stay tuned!



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