Summer Yum

We decided to have a little end of the summer bbq over the weekend and it turned out to be a great time — proving my suspicion that kids + chickens + veggies to pick = a good thing.  It was so fun to see all the kiddos feeding the chickens and picking fresh veggies from the garden. I loved it!

I made two of my favorite (and easy!) summer recipes.  The first is the classic caprese salad.  Just chop up some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and toss with some fresh mozzarella, olive oil, salt and pepper and you get a big bowl of yum.


Another fan favorite around these parts is the equally simple rosemary roasted potatoes.  All I do is cut up some red potatoes into bite size chunks, toss them with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and some chopped fresh rosemary from my garden and put them on a baking sheet in the oven for an hour. They don’t last long.


Even after the little helpers who picked some goodies from the garden this weekend were done, I still got a pretty good stash.  Some good peppers, butter lettuce, beans, and four leeks. It’s fore-casted to be warm the first part of this week so hopefully I’ll be picking lots of tomatoes soon!


2 thoughts on “Summer Yum

  1. I have to say, in retrospect (given this incredible outpouring of cooking skill and talent), that it seems incredibly clear to me that all those culinary wedding gifts are being put to exceptional use! How terrific.

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