Home Stretch Tomatoes

I’m in the home stretch.  It’s two and half weeks until the big events I’ve been working on all year happen – a wine tasting event, a formal awards banquet and 20 other crazy reunions and parties all happening in the span of three days.  My office is starting to look like event central. I’ve got my essentials — diet coke, spread sheets, to-do lists.


But hey, the cooking must go on. Isn’t that how it is with stuff around the house? Just because you’ve got work and things to do the laundry still needs to get done, plants need to be watered, mouths need to be fed.  So when I’m swamped like I am now, I like to cook things that do their thing while I do mine.

These slow roasted tomatoes are perfect. Easy peasy and since they take 6 hours to slow roast, they are perfect for throwing together in the morning and having done in time for dinner.  First you get a bunch of roma tomatoes (from your garden or the market, whatever you have access to).


Then you cut them in half and toss them with some olive oil, kosher salt and a bit of ground coriander if you have some, if not don’t worry about it.  Arrange them on cookie sheets and put them into a 200 degree oven.


After about 6 hours or so, look what you get!   They are like really juicy, yummy sundried tomatoes, only better.  You can toss them with pasta, add to salads or just gobble them up like candy. 


Okay, back to my to-do list!

3 thoughts on “Home Stretch Tomatoes

  1. I’m off to buy some tomatoes for slow roasting. They look scrumptious. As does all your food. Except for the chickens. They look more like pets.

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