Chicken Pops

Let me start this off by saying that I didn’t set out to make chicken pops. It just sort of happened. 

See, I’m making caramel candies for Christmas gifts and so I set out to find a local candy supply store — which I did, the awesome old school Decorette Shop.  

I knew it was going to be bad when I walked in and got giddy.  I mean, look at all the fun stuff in there.  A million crazy cupcake and cake molds.

Aisles and aisels of baking goodies and supplies.

Chocolate of all colors and kinds.

Super cute teensy weensy sugar creations.

And then I went upstairs and it was over.  They had a gazillion kinds of candy molds. 

That’s when I spotted it — a chicken pop mold.  I had to have it.  You understand, don’t you?

Well, anyway, I brought it home and went to work.  Super easy, by the way.  And yummy — since it’s solid chocolate.  Here are all the supplies I needed — some melting chocolate, food coloring, paint brushes and lollipop sticks.

You just whip up the colored chocolate (white chocolate + food coloring) and go to work.

And how’d they turn out, you ask?

 Hysterical.  Check ’em out.   Bawk! Bawk!

6 thoughts on “Chicken Pops

  1. I’ve always wondered how to color parts of a mold like that – I had no clue you just painted it on inside the mold. When I saw the post title I thought it was popsicles for chickens – LOL. But these are just as cute!

  2. Thanks, Kate! Our chickies are freezing out there in this little cold snap we’re having but they aren’t turning into popsicles …. yet!

  3. Oh my. I’m so envious of you living within driving distance of such a wonderful emporium. Lucky lucky you. The chicken pops are wonderful.

  4. Too cute! Love all of your goodies. We made granola for the second year. We have also been making holiday drink mixers for several years. Love the idea of stainless steel bottles.
    Enjoy the holidays! We are hoping to see your parents in early Jan. Say hi to Jason

  5. Oh my god!! The Decorette Shop on Foster! (I’m making a long overdue perusal of your lovely blog) I LOVED that place as a kid, would beg my mom to go. It was the only place I could find black coloring for some frosting that I used to make a piano-key birthday cake for my friend for her 14th birthday back in the day. Ah, so glad you’re there to enjoy it even if I’m not 🙂

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