Mini Frittatas

Us busy mamas gotta stick together, and this recipe is one for us!  A while back, I wrote up my typical prep for the week and this recipe is now on rotation in our house. These mini frittatas are prefect for busy mornings.  All of us love them, especially my one year old.   In fact, they are great for parties or brunch too – I made a big batch for a brunch gathering a few weeks ago, and they were gobbled up by the dozen!

You can totally use whatever you have on hand in your fridge.  I try and load them up with lots of veggies so we get some of our veggie servings in at breakfast, but really anything will do.  I typically start with dicing up and cooking some bacon in a big skillet.

While the bacon is cooking, I get 12 eggs into a big bowl – and whisk them together with 1/3 cup of milk.

I add in some cheese with the eggs, about 1/2 cup.

And prep whatever veggies I am going to use. This time I used some leftover green onion, zucchini and yellow bell peppers.  I always use some kind of onion and most of the time some kind bell pepper … and I’ve tried adding in frozen/drained chopped spinach, diced mushrooms, chopped asparagus, and all sorts of other yummy veggies. Whatever you’ve got – throw on in!

Just dice up whatever you’re using.  Once the bacon is done cooking, remove it and let it drain on a plate with some paper towels.  Just throw the veggies into the same skillet and let them cook up in the bacon grease – yum! It takes about 10 minutes on medium heat to really cook the veggies through.

You’ll want to get your oven and muffin tins going while the veggies are cooking.  Set your oven to 350* and get out your mini muffin tins.  If you only have regular muffin tins, those will work too.  No biggie.  Just melt some butter and brush each muffin cup with it – don’t scrimp, you don’t want your frittatas getting stuck in there.

Once the veggies are cooked, remove them from the skillet and let them cool.  Once they are cool, add them and the cooled bacon into the egg, cheese and milk mixture.  Mix it all together really well and scoop into the buttered muffin cups (I used a small measuring cup to make transfering the mixture into the cups easier).  Here they are all ready to go into the oven!

Let them cook at 350* for 30 – 35 minutes, before taking them out and popping them onto a cutting board to cool.

Don’t they look good?  The best part of the whole recipe is that once they are cooled on the cutting board, you can pop them into bags, stick them in the freezer and they are ready to go for quick breakfast meals during the week!  Just pop one (or more) into the microwave for a minute or so and you’re ready to go.  Even my little one loves these things!


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