World’s Most Expensive Taters

Remember when we planted those potatoes in garbage cans in the backyard to see if they would yield us a nice crop of red and yukon gold taters?

Well, it was finally time to dig them up and see what we’d got.

I’m happy to report we have officially grown the world’s most expensive potatoes!  We got about 3 lbs of red and 2.5 lbs of yukon gold potatoes and all said, it probably works out to about $10/lb!

Oh well, it’s just fun to do a little garden science experiment in your backyard.  Happy harvest to you!

3 thoughts on “World’s Most Expensive Taters

  1. What a riot. At least you got your tators planted. Mine are still peaking in the window from the bag they’re still sitting in from when I bought them.

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