Gifts from the Yard

We’re headed over to to a BBQ this afternoon at our friends’ place and instead of bringing a bottle of wine or a cute dish towel or one of the usual “thanks for having me over” kinda of gifts you bring when you go to someone’s house, I thought I might try to see what goodies I could bring from my yard.

Not only is it more economical (aka cheaper), it’s more personal and kinda fun — and since it’s the height of harvest season, we have lots to choose from.

I think the basket I put together turned out pretty, cute — don’t you?

We’ve got thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil, broccoli, green beans and lettuce in there.  What do you bring when you go over to people’s houses?

4 thoughts on “Gifts from the Yard

  1. As the recipient, I can tell you that this gift was wonderfully unexpected! We enjoyed it for days to come and the personalization was too sweet.

    Don’t let me forget, I have your basket!

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