Thai Steak Salad

Don’t tell Ina, but I’m cheating on her with Ellie Krieger.  You know who she is, right?

She’s this super spunky cooking show host on the Food Network.  Personally, I think she’s really under appreciated.  All of her recipes are easy, quick, healthy and super yummy.

My favorite is her Grilled Thai Beef Salad.   I’m not a big recipe follower, so I made a few modifications.  I used chili flakes instead of red curry paste and red onions in lieu of shallots.   I also took a few shortcuts.

I’ve been craving this salad, but since you’re supposed to bbq the meat and our weather has been so bad, I was holding off.   But I’d had enough.  I went for it.

First I gathered all the ingredients for the marinade — which also doubles for the salad dressing.  You make enough that half is for the marinade and the other half is to dress your salads.  The dressing is my favorite part of this whole recipe.  Yum!

Next, you pour half the mixture into a big ziplock with the flank steak and let it marinate in the fridge over night.

Normally, I would grill the meat but since we have a crazy storm (in June!) right now, I decided to just cook it on the stove.   I was a little worried, but it worked out just fine.

The most important part of the meat cooking process — grilling or otherwise — is to let the meat rest for five minutes after you finish cooking it before you slice it.  Trust me, it really matters.  Keeps it really juicy!

Now here’s how I cheat.  Instead of getting all the fresh herbs and lettuce, I just grab one of these pre-packaged ones from the store that has all of it all done for me. 

And don’t forget the red onion.  Red onion makes everything better.

Drizzle with some of the dressing and you’re ready to dig in.  So good!

3 thoughts on “Thai Steak Salad

  1. Hi Amy! Thai food is one of my faves and I am always comparing the thai beef salads around town. Now I can make one at home! Thanks for posting this. Yum!

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