Garden Updates

At long last, a new post!  Sorry, sorry, sorry. I promise I’ll be better. We’ve had a few things going on these last few weeks that have been keeping me busy, but I miss giving ya’ll updates — so here goes.

The weather has been crazy bad these last few weeks, and so this weekend we are cleaning up from all that the wind and rain has done.   It ain’t pretty.  Our veggies haven’t died despite the cold and crazy weather, so I’m grateful for that.

I got a hankering to take out a shrub I’ve long hated in the front.  Nothing feels quite as good as destroying something!

And in the back, remember the potatoes we planted in garbage cans? They’ve totally taken off and have almost grown out the top!   We’ve been adding dirt as they grow, since that’s what I read you’re supposed to do, and so far they are looking super healthy.   I am going to be so excited if we get a big crop of potatoes later this summer.  And from a garbage can, craziness!

And you know how I planted my lettuce in hanging baskets a few weeks ago?  They are doing great.  In fact, we need to start eating salads this week as they are ready to harvest!

The chicken veggie bed we planted for them with chard, arugala and lettuce is coming along, too.  We’ll have to let the girls at it soon. 

Our snap peas keep growing up, up, up the trellis and the broccoli and cauliflower in front of them are hanging in there.

We’re super excited about the brussel sprouts we planted this year — we haven’t done those before. They are doing well, too.

The bed with part of the garlic, radishes and carrots is doing great.  In fact, I was able to harvest a big bunch of radishes today!

And I pulled up one carrot, but they are still teeny tiny.   But so cute!  Gotta wait a few more weeks until they are ready to go.

I’m working on my menu plan for the week tomorrow, and promise to post a recipe or two soon.   Happy Memorial  Day, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Garden Updates

  1. Glad the chicken veggie plot is doing well! I planted one for ours but I turned my back on it and within five seconds they were all over it and had scratched out all the seeds!

  2. Your garden puts mine to shame. My potatoes remain in the bag I brought them home from the store in. Many spots are still in their plastic container. You are an inspiration to get going again.

  3. Things are progressing nicely there. I can’t wait to hear how well the potatoes did when its time to harvest them.

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