Lots of people ask us “How do the dogs and the chickens get along?” when they find out we have three doggies and four chickens.  God, we’re totally out numbered!

Pictures might be a better answer than any I could give.  

When we first got the chickens, the dogs were *very* curious.  But we kept them at a safe distance.   Here’s Rose checking them out on their first day in their coop.  Look how small the chickens are!  And the photo below is of all the dogs looking out the sliding glass door seeing the Girls for the first time – they were dying to get out there.

And now, they could care less about each other.  They seem pretty happy to share their common backyard and just go about their business.

3 thoughts on “Coexisting

  1. I wish my dogs would relax around the chickens. Our German Shepherd loves to chase small things that run. He has no interest in the chickens when he sees them in their coop or run, but I know if they were loose, he’d chase them. I also know he wouldn’t purposely hurt one, but I’m sure a broken neck or wing or leg would be inevitable once he stepped on one.

    Our Lab puppy is like Cujo around the chickens. She’s beyond uncontrollable – she just wants to get them! I’m afraid she might do some real damage. I really thought she’d be all peaceful and loving with the chickens (since my last Lab was so gentle) but this one is insane around things… I’m hoping she grows out of it.

  2. Just found your blog! Love your last few posts, but I have to admit you got me with the Westies! I am a Westie mom as well. We have had three, two currently. They are awesome dogs!

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