Master Gardeners Rock!

Now I might be a little biased, but Master Gardeners are just about the coolest people around.  I mean, my mom is one, and she’s pretty darn cool (hi, Mom!) but seriously, check out the Master Gardener chapter in your area — they are all over the USA and Canada. 

Here’s the official statement about they are all about —  “The Master Gardener program, conducted throughout the United States and Canada, is a two-part educational effort, in which avid gardeners are provided many hours of intense home horticulture training, and in return they ‘pay back’ local university extension agents through volunteerism. Master Gardeners assist with garden lectures, exhibits, demonstrations, school and community gardening, phone diagnostic service, research, and many other projects.”

What’s really, really cool is that most chapters host a big spring plant fair each year that is a fantastic place to get your summer veggies and other plants.  We went to the one in our area this weekend — it was awesome!


Make sure you go early, as the line of cars to get in might be kinda long.  Eeks!

They had all these cute little signs with Master Gardener facts all around — it was pretty cute.

There were over 200 plant vendors selling everything from veggies to air plants to trees to crazy garden art. 

So many people had a wagon or little cart with them.  We need to get one for next year!

And of course the Master Gardeners themselves were out in full force — volunteering at their booth, hosting 10-minute classes on all sorts of gardening topics and patiently answering all the millions of questions thrown their way.

After we scoped out all the booths (it took us over an hour just to walk all the way through!) we finally settled on what we were getting and from whom.  We found some veggies that were just perfect.

Without a wagon, we carried our goods out to the car the old fashioned way.

Here it is all ready to be planted — can’t wait to show you how it all looks in the ground!

1 thought on “Master Gardeners Rock!

  1. I too am intrigued by the master gardeners – my lifelong friend Nicole, her mom is taking the Master Gardener course at UC Santa Cruz right now and I am so impressed with her garden – she is a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration. I only hope that I could tackle something like that someday (along with a culinary school) 😉

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