Salad Bowls

I’ve had this kooky idea for awhile that instead of planting flowers in my hanging baskets this year that I would use them to grow lettuce in instead.  Who knows if it will work, but I set it all up today. 

First I gathered my hanging baskets from last year, made sure they were clean and the coconut liner was still in decent condition.

Next, I cut some plastic to fit in the bottom of each one — to keep the water inside and reduce the chance of them getting too dry.   I did put some holes in the bottom of the plastic so they can drain.

Here they are all lined and ready for dirt and plants.

I used butter crunch lettuce, red and green leaf lettuces in my baskets.

I also made one with strawberries — yum!

Alright, they are all ready to be hung up on the fence!

Here they are all hung — see all of them all along the back there?

We’ll see what happens, but I’m excited!  Anyone try this and have any advice for me?

3 thoughts on “Salad Bowls

  1. They look great!! I’ve not grown lettuce in containers so no real advice, other than keep them moist & harvest often. Once they bolt (send up a tall shoot with flowers) the lettuce starts to bitter, yuck. Lettuce does well as a cool weather crop so after you harvest them in the summer, plant another round for fresh fall lettuces 🙂 Good luck your garden is looking great!

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