First Harvest

Spring has been a little finicky around here this year — started off with super sunny weather that tricked us in February and then the last few weeks have been super chilly and rainy.  The seeds and starts I planted in early March have gotten off to a slow start …. but today, we had our first harvest! 

A big bunch of radishes!

Lots of arugula and spinach!

And the carrots are coming along.

The snap peas are making their way up the trellis.

A few little buds are starting to appear on the blueberry bushes.

The potatoes are sprouting in their garbage cans.  Remember when we planted those?

The girls are going strong with their 3 – 4 eggs a day.

And the most beautiful blue flowers are blooming all over our rock wall.  Aren’t they just stunning?  We love them.

We’re going to have a big yummy salad tonight with the goods from our harvest.  After I cleaned all the spinach and arugula and chopped off the tops of the radishes, the girls got a salad too from the leftovers.   They loved it!

Happy harvesting!  Hope your garden is being good to you!

3 thoughts on “First Harvest

  1. What a great harvest!! Wow I’m impressed! I love your garbage can potatoes, I’m going to try them in a container this year too. Good luck to us both! Your flowers are lovely. Your whole yard & garden is lovely!! I hope my garden is as prolific as your is, soon 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting for a new posting from you. The pictures are wonderful! I love your chickens. Makes want to get going with my garden. My potatoes are begging me to plant them…

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