Happy Spring

Spring officially arrived over the weekend – yay!   70 degree weather enticed me to take a few photos of the yard, and some of the things we’ve done over the last few weeks.

I’ve been waiting anxiously for our first tulips to make their appearance, after having planted a ton of bulbs back in October.   And just in time for spring, they finally came out to say hello!

So did some little beet sprouts, from the seeds I planted about a month ago. It’s still like a tiny miracle to me every time something pops out of the ground.

Same with the carrots.

The radishes are looking good!

The arugala and snap peas are really coming along.

And our garlic, spinach, onions, and even more peas are hanging in there.

The blooms are starting to come out on the azaleas all around the yard.

And on the pussy willow tree.

The camellia tree is now in full bloom, up from just one little flower a few weeks ago.

The hostas are poking through.

And the leaves on the Japanese maples around the yard are just starting to bud.

We did tackle two small projects — first was adding more stone and rearranging the stone pattern on the path along the side of our house. Whaddya think?

And just for fun, with some of the leftover wood from when Jason built our new raised veggie beds, we built a mini veggie bed just for the chickens.

We still need to fill it with dirt and get some yummy beets, kale, and chard to grow in there — all stuff the chickens love.  Here’s Cluck checking it out.  They are going to be so excited when their very own veggie patch gets finished.

How’d you celebrate the beginning of spring?

6 thoughts on “Happy Spring

  1. Wow y our yard is amazing!!! I really like your blog, keep up the good work 🙂 Your plants are doing amazingly well. Its still way too early in the season here in CO to plant in the ground but my seedlings (indoors) are doing amazingly well 🙂 Happy gardening and blogging to you!

  2. I’m from San Diego, so my idea of spring is a lot like the other months! Still, I phase out of soups and into garden greens. It would be a dream to have a garden like yours. Meals must taste so fresh and satisfying…One day I shall have a yard 🙂

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