Prep Work

Every Sunday, I try and spend between one and two hours getting my meals ready for the week.  It helps make my week run much smoother — and decreases the odds of me ordering pizza or grabbing Chipotle on my way home.  Not that it doesn’t happen on occasion!

First, I make a simple menu for the week — I never make anything very complicated — and put it on my handy white board I hang on the side of our fridge.  Here’s this week’s plan.

I try to prep and make as much as I can for our lunches and dinners in advance.  I also typically make a big batch of homemade yogurt overnight on Sundays, too — so we can have it for the week.   In case you missed my earlier post on how to do that, you can see it right here.  It also has directions for making my homemade granola.  I made some of that today, for Jason (it’s not gluten-free so none for me).

I also whipped up a bunch of roasted asparagus.

Some black bean stuffed mushrooms. Recipe and instructions are here.

Some hard boiled eggs for our lunches.

A big ole pot of this really yummy warm brussel sprout and sausage salad (more to come on that on St. Patty’s Day!)

And just for fun, I made some gluten-free cream cheese brownies. Yum!

I love having my fridge all stocked and ready to go for the week.  It makes my life so much easier, and helps us eat pretty healthy.   It only takes a little bit of time, but saves me sooooo much more!

Do you do anything to get your food ready for the week?

5 thoughts on “Prep Work

  1. Hey Amy, you have a cool blog! I don’t typically cook ahead, but I do plan out the week of meals in the corner of our grocery list. I also divide the list into sections of the store so I don’t have to do any backtracking with a toddler in the cart! It’s nice to not have any 5 PM wracking my brain sessions trying to figure out what’s for dinner.

  2. I do a weeklong list of dinners and I try to only shop once for the week – on Mondays… but I don’t do any prep-ahead. I’ve always wanted to make my own yogurt, but I’m scared for some reason. I’d like to start a habit of giving the boys a green smoothie as part of their bfast. They love them and I don’t make them enough… I’d love to try it with some homemade yogurt, but I just haven’t taken the plunge yet.

    <— wimp 😦

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