French Onion Soup

French onion soup is one of those dishes that uses deceivingly few ingredients and yet tastes so rich and gourmet.  Sure it takes a little time, but very little effort.  And the payoff is fantastic.

You just take about six of these.

Slice them into half moons, add a stick of butter and sautee for an hour.

After an hour, you get this — carmelized onions are delish!

You add a cup of wine, a box of beef broth, a couple sprigs of thyme and 3 cups of water.

Let it simmer for about an hour, until it looks like this.

Top with gruyère cheese and YUM!

6 thoughts on “French Onion Soup

  1. You have to saute on pretty low heat, yes? My caramelized onions turn out 4 of 5 times. Looks delicious!

    • You got it, Bianca! You heat ’em up to high for 10 minutes and then bring it down to medium low heat and stir every 5 minutes or so for an hour – scraping all the brown bits off the bottom as you go. Soooo good!

      • I decided to just caramelize the onions…but I put too many in the pot so they sort of steamed instead. But it worked, I ended up browning them a bit and making soup. It was great! I combined your recipe with “The New Best Recipe” I had and used red wine instead (and half as much) and used half chicken broth and half beef broth. I cooked the caramelized onions in the wine a few minutes before adding the rest of the liquid ingredients. It was SOOO good! Thanks!

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