The coolest part about doing projects in the yard is working with Jason.  We’ve been working on some new improvements to the garden the last few weekends, and it’s been really fun. 

And when I look back on where our yard started last year, it’s kinda nuts how far it’s come.  Looking at the before and after photos really shows how much our teamwork has paid off.

Here it is just a little over a year ago – March 2009 – before we tackled the weeds and before we installed our raised vegetable beds.  Yuck!

Can you believe this is the same area as the picture above?  Crazy, huh? This shot was taken at the garden’s peak of beauty, and veggie production — July 2009.

And here it is now, getting ready for spring and summer — February 2010. It’s looking very “winter” and stark compared to last summer, don’t you think?  I can’t wait for things to get going — just a few more months!

It’s been such a great discovery that we both really love working out in the yard together — it’s definitely not something we knew either of us liked before we got married. 

I think we make a pretty good team!

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