Spring Cleaning

You would have thought it was May around here — either that or we lived in California.  The weather was gorgeous this weekend, and when Oregonians see sun like that in February we leap outside.  I can’t tell you how many people I saw out for a jog, mowing their lawn, or wearing shorts. 

We couldn’t resist being outside, either.  After the success of last year’s garden, we decided we wanted to add two more raised beds to the yard — one in back and one in front on the side of the house.   This weekend was the perfect time to get those in place. 

Handy husbands are sexy, don’t you think? 

Here are the two raised beds he made all ready to go in the ground.

The chickens had to inspect the new one we put in the backyard.

The big new raised bed for the front is looking good, just needs soil and it’s ready to go. We’re thinking zucchini and other wild growing veggies in this one.

No need for the gym when you have mowing.

And weeding!

And power washing (my absolute favorite thing ever!).

I even got some veggies started!  Carrot and radish seeds, along side the garlic I started last fall.

Some snap pea and spinach starts — again with some earlier planted garlic.

And finally, some arugala in the middle with some snap pea seeds in the back and some golden and red beet seeds in front.

We got the entire back leveled and cleaned up and ready to go.   It’s looking good!

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