Hot Chocolate On A Stick

I’ve been wanting to make the adorable Hot Chocolate On A Stick that I saw featured on the kitchn for weeks.  It just looked so darling.  With the rain drizzling outside and a few hours to spare, I finally did it today.

You just take some good cooking chocolate, an ice cube tray and a lollipop stick and go for it.  (I added some peppermint extract for extra yumminess).

It’s so easy.  Just melt down the chocolate in the microwave.

Pour it into the ice cube tray and add a stick.  Then you just pop it into the freezer for five minutes to harden up.

Pop ’em out, and stick the chocolate pop into a mug with some hot milk.

And you get yum!

It’s even better shared with someone you love.

3 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate On A Stick

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