Brownies With A Twist

Most of the time when I read a recipe that doesn’t sound appealing, I just pass it by.  I mean, why make something that doesn’t even sound good.

This was different.  It was the strangest recipe I had ever seen. So of course I had to try it.  You don’t see black beans as the major ingredient in brownies every day.

I guess this isn’t a new idea, but I certainly hadn’t heard about it before.  I saw a few different versions of it here, here and here.  But in the end decided on the Meal Makeover Moms version.

As I gathered all the ingredients, I have to tell you — I fully expected these to be nasty.

I mean, really — these are the base for brownies?

But I forged ahead.  Pureeing the black beans.

And then mixing in all the other ingredients and pouring the batter into a pan and sticking it into the oven.

When they came out they looked fairly normal and good. But I was still skeptical.

All the recipes say to let them cool fully and give them time to do their thing.  Once I cut into them, I was shocked.  They look pretty dang good, don’t they?

And with no flour.  Weird.

And how’d they taste, you ask?  Surprisingly — good.  They were definitely better a few hours after I’d let them sit and cool.  They really don’t have a bean flavor at all, and the texture is bizarrely normal.  Not bad for gluten-free brownies that are only 12o calories each with 5 grams of fat and 3 grams of protein and feature black beans. Who woulda thunk?!

2 thoughts on “Brownies With A Twist

    • Thanks for taking a peek at my experiment with your recipe, Liz! It was really fun to make them. Thanks for all you do on your blog – it’s so fun (and educational)!

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