The Harvest Continues

It’s been freezing and rainy here the last few weeks, but thanks to the trusty cold frames we built a few months ago I went out and harvested some arugula, baby romaine, and red leaf lettuce this morning!



In the other cold frame, the broccoli is coming along.


I have to say, though, I’m disappointed in the overall performance of our cold frames.  I just don’t think they are working all that great.  It’s not the cold frames per se, it’s just that things don’t seem to want to grow with it being so cool and damp. 

In other parts of the yard, the chickens love it when we’re home and let them out of their coop to forage around the yard for grub.  Here they are this morning loving life.


Cluck is still laying her daily egg — here she is this morning doing her thing.


And here’s her Sunday morning egg!


The big news is that Yolk-o Ono is laying now too!  So we’re getting two eggs a day.  I think Dolly Parton is really close to starting, too.  And Oprah, well, she’s still a pain in the patootie and isn’t doing squat.

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