This morning we woke up to Schwartz trying to cockadoodadoo and knew he had to go.  It was sad.  Schwartz was definitely the most personable of the chickens, but it had to be done.  So we fed him a last treat, said our goodbyes and put him in a box to take him back to the Chicken Farmer.   Here he is is all ready to go.  We love you, Schwartz!


So we drove out to Boring  — what a silly name for a town, huh? — and met up with Cooper the Chicken Farmer who graciously took Schwartz back and gave us two new hens as replacements.  So, I’d like to introduce you to ….

….Yolk-o Ono, another black australorp just like Schwartz


….and Dolly Parton, a New Hampshire breed


We’d read that bringing new chickens into an existing group can sometimes be a little tricky —  it’s that pecking order thing — but so far it’s been fine.  Cluck is being slightly territorial, but they seem to be working it out. 

Here Cluck seems to be chest bumping Dolly and saying, “Yo Dolly, this is my yard and my house. Play by my rules and everything will be alright.”


So here they all are — our new crew of four.


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