In Chicken News

We finally confirmed it is Cluck who is laying all of the eggs. She’s a little egg laying machine — one egg a day at this point.   Her routine seems to be — wake up, grab breakfast and then head up to lay an egg around 9 or so.  She’s so proud of herself afterwards she dances around and sings a little song.  Seriously.  It’s pretty funny.  Here she is in her nesting box.  Isn’t she cute?


And here are some of her eggs.  She’s layed a total of six so far, but we’ve eaten two.


And here is one next to one of our Safeway eggs.  At this point, I don’t think we’ll be needing to buy anymore grocery store eggs which is really cool.


In sort of sad chicken news, we are 99.9% sure Schwartz is a rooster.  Schwartz has always been much taller and leaner and it’s becoming more and more pronounced as they age.  Schwartz isn’t doing the telltale rooster cock-a-doo-da-dooling, but his tail feathers are consistent with a rooster and the mounting behavior is making us wonder.   Since we’re not allowed to have roosters in our city, most likely we’re going to have to say goodbye to our beloved Schwartzen-egger.


Next weekend, the Chicken Farmer we got the girls, uh, girls and boy from is coming to check Schwartz out.  If he thinks Schwartz is indeed a rooster he will swap Schwartz out for a new hen.  So we have one week to enjoy Schwartz until judgement day next Saturday.  Stay tuned.

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