Productive Sunday

We had a very productive Sunday around here — getting our yard all winterized and ready for the change of seasons.  I even got my act together and planted 100 tulip bulbs all around the front and backyard. Can’t wait for them to pop up in the spring.


And, I’m not giving up on my veggie garden just yet!  I bought some more fall veggie starts — arugala, spinach, kale, romaine and red leaf lettuce — to add to the broccoli and cauliflower I already planted a few weeks ago.  I also got the planting garlic I ordered in the mail.

2009-10 (Oct)

We got all of it in the ground today — after I ripped out all the green beans, pepper plants, tomatoes and onions.  The most exciting thing, though, was we built two cold frames around two of our raised beds to keep the veggies nice and cozy this fall.  It cost 30 bucks for the pvc pipe and plastic and I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?


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