Betty Does It Again

After my success trying the new gluten-free Betty Crocker brownie mix, I decided to try another of her new gluten-free mixes … this time the one for chocolate chip cookies.  I’d heard you needed to add in some extra chocolate chips, so that was the only addition I made and otherwise followed the directions on the box.  And for all of you who have never made cookies or brownies out of a box, me either.  I do tend to be a big from scratch kinda gal, but with this whole gluten thing going on, I’ll take what I can get if you know what I mean.


I hadn’t had a chocolate chip cookie (or any other cookie for that matter) since I was diagnosed with celiac disease a year and a half ago and couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these.  Don’t they look yummy?


And how did they taste, you ask?  Totally delish!  I even gave a bunch to Jason and asked repeatedly, “Do they taste normal? Do they? Do they?”   He reported they were yummy, and tasted on par with “regular” chocolate chip cookies.  Way to go Betty!


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