Berries Galore

Most folks know Oregon is a mecca for berry lovers.  So why buy these at Safeway??


$3.99 a pint – pffft!  Look what I got today?  44 pounds of berries for way less than 4 bucks a pint.  Take that Safeway!  And yes, you read that right – 44 lbs. It basically translates into 44 of those little pints you buy in the grocery store.


I set aside my long work to-do list this afternoon, and went out to an awesome farm about 30 minutes from our house and wandered and picked for a few hours.  The goods came out to be 25 lbs of organic blueberries, 14 lbs of organic blackberries, and 5 lbs of organic raspberries. 


I’m still contemplating what to do with all of them in addition to using them in the smoothie I make every morning, but they are all cleaned and ready to go – freezer is fully stocked. Yum!


2 thoughts on “Berries Galore

  1. Well, the part that is the most impressive (to me) is the condition of your freezer. WOW! Clean. Neat. Orderly. Id rather tell you my weight than let you (or anyone) get a picture of my freezer.

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