Chicken S*&/#!

This post is completely for your amusement. I was not amused.  Yesterday Olivia did it. Today it was Rose.  Apparently, the dogs like to roll in chicken poop.  Imagine the most foul (no pun intended) stench you can imagine and then quadruple it. It’s disgusting. I had to give Olivia a bath immediately after she did it yesterday.  Rose just got done with hers.  There she is below looking sheepish in the tub.   This eating and rolling in poo thing apparently has a name — coprophaegia and it’s fairly common.   Never mind any of that. It must stop.   Pee yew!


1 thought on “Chicken S*&/#!

  1. Those wonderful dogs of yours – they always look adorable, whether quizzical (they do quizzical better than any other little dogs), or baffled, or anticipatory. But NO chicken dinners.

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