Chickens have come to roost

You may or may not have heard we’ve gone completely nuts and now have three chickens living in our backyard.  Jason built them a fancy place to live and fenced off an area of our side yard where they now call home.  It also functions to keep them away from the dogs and keep them out of the rest of our yard we’ve worked so hard on whipping into shape this summer.  It’s only been two days, but so far so good.   Wanna meet ’em?  Well, here you go.


We spent at least as much time coming up with silly names as we did researching and reading about how to care for them. Cluck Norris is on the left and is by far the sweetest and most friendly of the bunch.  Oprah Wingfrey is in the middle there with the gold speckled feathers and she’s a big pain in the ass. Won’t let you touch her, is skittish and just a big poo.  Then Arnold Schwartzen-egger is the big black one on the right. Schwartz eats a lot. A whole lot. We expect big eggs.  Despite their names, they are all hens and are three months old. Roosters are illegal in our area, and we got the girls primarily for the eggs they’ll give us. We’ll have to wait about 4 – 6 more weeks before they start laying but everyone says it will be worth it.


The girls get their boring old chicken feed, but also a few treats thrown in for good measure.  The chopped up and steamed snap peas were a big hit today. Everyone needs their veggies.


And how are the doggies reacting, you ask.  For the most part they are just really curious.  We let the chickens out on the back lawn yesterday and made the dogs stay inside. This is them watching very intently from the back door. Cliff on the left could care less, just wants to know if it’s dinnertime yet.  Rose in the middle wants to play. And Miss Olivia on the far right wants a snack; she’s the most aggressive towards them by far and would gladly have a nice chicken dinner if we let her. 

It will be interesting to see how this whole backyard chicken adventure goes.  Wish us luck!

4 thoughts on “Chickens have come to roost

  1. We used to throw in whole cucumbers, ears of corn, lettuce, really any veggies leftover from dinner. For the most part, they seemed to eat them up. 🙂 Good looking chickens, great names — best of luck to you! The eggs really are amazing.

  2. You silly kids~~Great names for your new additions. I have never had hens, but I work with several people that do and the eggs are the best. Good luck with this new adventure. I look forward to more on your new blog.

  3. Great web site, or blog! Very cool to see your backyard transformation! I love before and after shots! And your cute chickens – are they making yummy eggs? The three puppies chekcing out the three chickens is a priceless photo! Now all you need is three kids to add to the mix – just to make things balenced! (just kidding!) We have to get over there and check out the chickens – I am inspired!

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